Quite possibly the biggest A-holes ever. WHAT’S your problem?

Anyone that possess an ounce of common sense in their body would know that the unspoken rule surrounding car shows is to not touch anything on display. Ever. 

It seems that Good Day Sacramento presenter Angel Cardenas either missed that memo or doesn’t possess any common sense after he was fired for damaging numerous classic cars during a live cross. 

Cardenas was reporting from the Sacramento International Auto Show over the weekend when the incident happened, causing numerous members of the audience to take to social media and complain about his actions. 

While the piece starts off normally, it quickly takes a turn when Cardenas says “no one is out here to tell me which cars I can’t go in,” and decides to “go on the wild side”, and start cringe-worthy act. 

His first victim is a yellow Ford Thunderbird that is jumped on, before he moves to a pink one and opens the door into the neighbouring one. The extent of the damage can’t be seen from the front, but Cardenas sheepishly tried to wipe it away before anyone else notices. 

If this was enough for the cameras, a brand new Ford Explorer catches his eye, so he sprints over and asks a ridiculous question; “Can I just finish up this live shot posing on the hood for my friends back at the studio?”

Despite multiple signs asking spectators to keep off the displays, the presenter ducks underneath the barrier and leaps up onto the bonnet of the car. ironically, the segment ends after someone can be heard yelling at Cardenas from behind the camera.

Following the broadcast, the Sacramento International Auto Show contacted the manager at the TV station, to which the station replied saying that Cardenas’ employment was “terminated immediately.”


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