Public Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee Says Math Is Racist

2 plus 2 equals 7

The Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) released a rough draft of notes for its Math Ethnic Studies framework in late September, which attempts to connect math to a history of oppression.

The framework is broken into four different themes: “Origins, Identity, and Agency,” “Power and Oppression,” “History of Resistance and Liberation,” and “Reflection and Action.”

The committee suggests that math is subjective and racist, saying under one section, “Who gets to say if an answer is right,” and under another, “how is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?”

This is what happens when you allow radicals to take control of the schools. You start seeing problems where they cannot exist — like in the objective world of mathematics”. “We’re now reducing math to a divisive sociological issue — and that’s the kind of reduction and division we don’t want to be teaching.” 

Maybe these “WOKEN” individuals with these crazy stupid ideas would go back to sleep. Time for common sense to return to our schools and government! 

I feel sorry for the next generations and also the generations after that. Wake up America we need to find better teachers and guidance for our kids.

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