They Saved Meth Gear in Fire, Let Grandmother Die

Having saved their meth equipment from a burning home, two brothers went to buy cigarettes but left their 82-year-old grandmother to perish in the flames, according to authorities in upstate New York. Jarrett and Justin Gause are now facing manslaughter charges, reports WETM. Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says the brothers got out safely from the burning Riverside home on May 14 with their drug-making equipment, but they didn’t help Gladys Ann Willow, 82.

Rather than report the fire, Justin, 21, and Jarrett, 33, left the scene to go get cigarettes, Baker says. Willow had been trapped in the home where police believe a meth-making operation was underway, reports the Elmira Star-Gazette. Both brothers are charged with evidence tampering. They also face one reckless endangerment charge for each firefighter who responded to the blaze.

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