October 22, 2019: Gretzky or Howe

On October 22 1997 NHL superstar Wayne Gretzky’s wife was knocked unconscious after plexiglass fell on her while watching a game.

Tell us: Wayne Gretzky or Gordie Howe? The snowflake who the league declared untouchable, or the man who enforced rough hockey infractions himself? The guy in the pansy helmet, or the man who knocked out every other star in the league because they didn’t have a helmet? The man who cherry-picked and never forechecked, or the man who had his points in the WHA not count toward his overall records? The pussy with a mullett or the man who played pro hockey in 6 decades, (1940’s – 1990’s)? The Neo-Californian who hides in his gated community, or the man who was an ambassador for hockey until his final days?

Be objective, please.

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