October 21, 2019: Judge Judy

On October 21, 1942 Judith Sheindlin was born in Brooklyn, New York. She would end up being a famous jurist and syndicated television personality, Judge Judy starting in 1996. Judge Judy has made 10s of millions of dollars since then, playing the part of a cantankerous older woman judge, who takes no backtalk from those brave enough to try to backtalk her. And she says it herself: She’s not there because she’s gorgeous; she’s there because she’s smart.

Could you appear on a TV courtroom show if you had a case pending in small claims court? If your alternative was to wait 18 months for a court date, and then have all of the postponements and rescheduling and filing requirements and all the paperwork and red tape adding up, might you consider doing a show such as this? If you were promised not only a very speedy trial, but a stipend, plane tickets to New York and a stay in a nicer hotel, meal allowance, and not the mention the chance of being on national TV, would you think about it?

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