Hillary Clinton Decries ‘Bankrupt’ DNC: ‘We’re Going to Be ‘Outgunned, Outspent, Out-Lied’

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decried the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as a “bankrupt” organization and warned that Democrats are going to be “outgunned, outspent, and out-lied” in the upcoming election, according to audio posted by the GOP War Room on Friday.

Clinton has issued a plethora of excuses for her historic loss in 2016 – from the Russians to misogyny, to “fake news,” a term conservative media managed to hijack – and appeared to offer another excuse for her defeat, decrying the DNC as a “bankrupt organization” compared to the “well-funded, well-prepared” Republican National Committee (RNC) that then-candidate Donald Trump inherited.

“And you know as well as anybody that you get the nomination when you’re Democrat, and then you basically have to get a game plan for the general election,” she said, according to audio posted by the GOP War Room on Friday:

“When I became the nominee, I inherited a bankrupt organization and Donald Trump inherited a well-funded, well-prepared organization,” Clinton said.

“The day he got the nomination, having done nothing for Republicans his entire campaign, was a day that he already– there already were, you know, like 21 offices in Florida,” Clinton continued.

She warned that the Democrat nominee, whoever that may be, will likely face a similar uphill battle due to the DNC’s shortfalls.

“I had to do all of that. There was nothing. I had nothing. So from my perspective, I think we’ll be a little better off than we were back then,” she said. “But we’re gonna be outgunned, outspent, out-lied.”

“I mean, we’re gonna have a lot of problems,” she added.

Meanwhile, the RNC is outraising the DNC by millions, raising $27.3 million in September.

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