Three women guilty in Facebook sex-shame attack

[Ottawa Ontario, Canada] On July 3, 2015 a young woman was abducted at knifepoint from her Donald Street apartment by three women who later degraded her in a sex-shame attack that was broadcast on Facebook.

On Friday, after a lengthy trial that began in 2017, the perpetrators were found guilty for acts the judge called degrading and demeaning.

Ringleader Eunice “Chou Chou” Ilunga, 44, Safi “Lolo” Mahinja, 29, Sandrine Tomb-Kalema, 39, were found guilty of kidnapping, forcible confinement, and sexual assault.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith told court that the convicted attackers executed a plot designed to violate the young woman’s sexual integrity.

The case was anchored in videos of the attacks that left the young woman fearing for her life.

In the first videos, the young woman is confined in her bathroom and berated for having sex with one of the accused’s ex-boyfriends. The woman is crying.

The other videos — which were posted online — show her undressed on a bed as someone applies hair-removal cream to her pubic hair.

Though the videos were played and heard in court, they were only seen by the judge, complainant and accused and the lawyers.

Assistant Crown Attorney Louise Tansey, who successfully prosecuted the case, said the videos were traumatizing to watch.

In another video after the attack, the accused filmed themselves celebrating as they sing along to a song on the radio.

The three women had their bail revoked right after the guilty verdict while they await sentencing.

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