Driver Who Livestreamed Crash Arrested While on Parole

Obdulia Sanchez ran her car off the road during police chase

The California woman who livestreamed a DUI crash that killed her sister in 2017 has been arrested again, police said, after driving her car off the road during a high-speed chase. Stockton police said officers were trying to stop Obdulia Sanchez for a vehicle code violation early Thursday when she missed a turn, reports. A male passenger ran away, police said, but Sanchez was arrested without incident. In addition to traffic violations, she face charges related to a loaded weapon police said they found in her car.

Sanchez was released from prison in September after serving 26 months on DUI and manslaughter charges in the crash that killed her 14-year-old sister. She was freed about a year early, per the Sacramento Bee, making parole after receiving conduct or educational credits in prison, corrections officials said. Sanchez’s license is suspended, her father, Nicandro, said Thursday, per KTXL. “She not supposed to drive,” he said. (Everybody livestreams while driving, Sanchez said from jail after the 2017 crash.)

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