Clarkston, MI: Man’s Penis Explodes After He Attempted To Inflate It With Helium In A Prank Gone Wrong

By Janice Ellsworth On Oct 14, 2019


A 34-year old Clarkston, Michigan man has suffered serious injuries to his genitals after a prank involving him pumping his genitals full of helium gas caused his penis to literally explode.

The victim, who has not been named, was attending a 21st party with friends and was severely intoxicated at the time of the incident.

“He saw a canister of helium in the garage that had been used to blow up balloons for the party, and he said that it’d be funny to try and inflate his balls,” said one of the man’s friends.

In their intoxicated state, none of the other party goers saw the risk with this stunt and encouraged him to follow through with the prank.

“In hindsight it was a terrible idea, but at the time we all thought it’d be funny and didn’t really see the harm in it” said another of the man’s friends who attended the party.

The man pulled down his pants and underwear and grabbed the hose of the helium canister. “He wasn’t sure what to do at first but then he shoved the nozzle into the tip of his penis,” said one friend. “We were shocked that he was following through but when his dick started to inflate we all fell on the floor laughing.”

However, the victim wasn’t laughing because the nozzle had now dug into the head of his penis, preventing him from moving it. “He tried to shut off the helium valve but it slipped off the table and on the ground, and all the time his penis kept getting bigger.”

The man’s desperate attempts to pull the nozzle free were fruitless. “His junk had swollen up like a real balloon,” said one witness, “and then like a real balloon it just popped.”

Paramedics were called to the property and rushed the man to hospital, while several other party goers had to be treated for shock at the sight of their friend’s exploding penis

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