To TNBD authors: Don’t ever Lower Yourselves!

It always seemed so shitty to us that you guys would take your time and go out of your way to post a story on the old TNID, and then you’d have to wait on someone here to send out invites for it. Our hands were tied by DISQUS.

There was nothing that we could do, but things have changed.

As you are creating your stories, over to the right, by where you set the “Category” and your “Featured Image”, you’ll see a setting for “iZooto Push Notifications” with an option to “send notification on post publish”. To click in the checkbox will do the notifications that a good number of people have signed up for.

As you are editing, go to the right side of the editing screen, Then 1) click on ‘Document’, then 2) scroll down until you see “iZooto Push Notifications”, and 3) check the box for Send

I’ll tell you something right now guys, TNBD knows what you do here. Don’t ever think we don’t. And we would never ask you to lower yourself to tag people and beg them to comment on your stories here. Ok? We hate that B.S. too and know you must feel the same way. I did that like three times now and you could not pay me to do that again. We’d never ask you to either.

And we find it hilarious when we see tags from lonely site moderators out there where the lonely and desperate are begging people to please come to their channel and say something, anything. Just so that they don’t have to be alone in that large, dark room at mom’s house, hoping that you will go and play with them and take away their misery.

What we recommend is that IF you are putting up 2 or 3 stories in quick succession, just maybe send the invites for 1 of them. Some mornings we get 6 or 7 stories posted in just an hour or two. We can imagine getting an alert for each and every one of them will start annoying the rest of our community. So use it sparingly until we see how it feels to everyone.

We hope your new invite option works for you. Click it or not. It’s up to you. Invite them or not. Your story, your choice.

Either way – come on babies grease your lips.

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