Problem solved!

So we got rid of Push Monkey and we got you guys a new company for your push notifications. I’m sure you’ve had the screen come up by now asking you if you want them or not.

Everything is now working great! We’ve already got tons of people accepting it and we’re hearing that everyone is now receiving the notifications. NothingButTheTruth has been testing it out for us and she said that she is getting them all now and provided us with screenshots. So All is good again in the land of TNBD.

Now when we put up that last story about the Push Monkey problem we had several of our contributing authors on that story saying how they liked getting the emails when a new story went up on here. So we added that for you guys also. If you go on the main page here, directly under our Contact Us, you will see where you can subscribe to the email notification just like they get. It says Subscribe For Alerts. Pretty straightforward stuff, guys.

So now everyone has several different ways of receiving a notification to what is happening at your clubhouse. Get an email, get a pop up notification on your devices, or just show up. No secret handshake or knock to get in the door.

And as far as Push Monkey, well you know what they can do!

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