Are we being bullsh*tted or what? Be honest with us. Please!

For well over a week we have been on video chat, live chat, email and even gave authorized access to TNBD to Push Monkey.

We have a LOT of people signed up for this notification system but SEVERAL are saying they are getting nothing.

Now Push Monkey is insisting that you guys that signed up are getting these notifications. Are you? They told us that they have even signed ip with several devices and are getting them. It’s funny because we sure as hell aren’t and nothingbutthetruth has signed up to help us out and SHE isn’t getting SHIT either!

They have that money-grubbing, bullshitting feel about them if you know what I mean. Be honest with us, are you getting these because if you’re not I’m going to let loose on these MFers.

Give me the ammo if you’ve got it. Thanks, guys.

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