Oct. 10, 2019: Hi Bob!

On October 10, 1961 A variety show called The Bob Newhart Show premiered on NBC, featuring a young comedian right as he was breaking into show business in a big way. Newhart’s dry wit and low-key style transferred well from his comedy career, and his knack for using the telephone in his act was always in there somewhere.

The show only lasted one season, but Newhart was well-regarded. A decade later, another show called The Bob Newhart Show was created by MTM as part of their blockbuster Saturday prime time lineup.  This show lasted until 1978, and is probably what he is known for most, even though he had many other gigs on TV and in the movies. Most recently, Newhart played Professor Proton in The Big Bang Theory.

Have you ever played the HI BOB or BOB & EMILY drinking game? What is your favorite Bob Newhart moment, in his act, his movies, or his TV appearances or series?

Hi Bob!
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