Trump Fan Jailed Over Bumper Sticker Rage

Cops: Man flashed gun to Warren backer

OCTOBER 8–A Donald Trump supporter is behind bars following his arrest yesterday for displaying a handgun to a female motorist whose vehicle carried an Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker, Minnesota police report.

According to investigators, the victim was driving Monday afternoon in Moorhead, a northwest Minnesota city, when Joseph Schumacher, 27, pulled up next to her and rolled down his window.

Schumacher, seen at right, “began yelling at the female expressing his dislike” for a bumper sticker supporting Warren, a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Schumacher, cops add, then pointed to a Trump bumper sticker on his vehicle.

After Schumacher eventually pulled in front of the woman, he allegedly “held up a handgun inside his vehicle,” police allege.

Responding to a 911 call placed by the woman, cops located Schumacher at a nearby Moorhead business. A search of Schumacher’s auto turned up a loaded handgun in the car’s center console.

During questioning, a passenger in Schumacher’s vehicle reportedly “confirmed the actions of the suspect driver,” police say.

Schumacher was arrested on two felony counts of making terroristic threats, as well as misdemeanor weapons charges. Schumacher, who lives in West Fargo, North Dakota, is being held in the Clay County jail in advance of a court hearing tomorrow.

Schumacher is seen below in a photo from his Facebook page, which includes clips from Fox News shows hosted by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, and a June birthday salute to Trump for “always trying to do what is best for the United States and for United States citizens!”

In another post, Schumacher describes himself as “die hard Republican” and says, “I rock the Trump Pence bumper sticker, wear a MAGA hat everyday where I am judged and blatantly harassed multiple times a week by Dems.” Schumacher added, “Granted I do live in the most liberal city in North Dakota. But I bet it happens a little bit on the other side of the table too depending on where your at. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that.”

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