Oct. 9, 2019: The Manhattan Project

On October 9, 1941, U.S.President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved an atomic bomb program that would become The Manhattan Project.  This amazing team of physicists and scientists and engineers did an incredible job of creating this whole new type of energy (literally). A little less than four years later, America had the 2 bombs that would bring a swift end to World War 2, and take the world into the atomic age.

Historians and historic revisionists have written multitudes of opinions about whether we should have used the bombs on populations, or on military targets, or even just in demonstrations that could have gotten the same surrender from Japan without killing a couple of hundred thousand civilians.

What do you think? President Truman approved the use of the bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki to bring about the most swift end to the war possible. Could we or should we have done something differently to end the war without nuking two cities?

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