It’s what makes us who we are.

This site was always fun because MichCon and myself never wanted to be dickheads that told anyone what to to do or how to do it. That always bugged us how moderators thought they were better than anyone else on their sites.

Suddenly for some reason we’ve got people thinking they can tell others what they should or shouldn’t do here. Why? Did you appreciate that when you were banned from sites?

Com’on really? Who really gives two shits? We own this place and WE don’t care. Lighten up! Don’t be assholes!

TNID was made for all you to have a blast and forget about all life’s B.S. and just laugh at shit in the news, and not worry about some asshole banning you.

That said, try to treat each other the the same way. We’re all like family here.


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