Drink up! Missouri bar charges by the hour, not by the glass

by STEFANIE DYGA | WSBT StaffTuesday, October 8th 2019AA

Drink up! Missouri bar charges by the hour, not by the glass (Photo: Edwin Land / CC BY 2.0 via MGN Online)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WSBT) — Where there’s a wine, there’s a way.

A bar in St. Louis, Missouri is shaking up the scene with a concept like no other: customers aren’t charged by the glass but by the hour instead. Appropriately named “Open Concept,” the website says for an average price of $10 an hour, you can drink as much as you can legally handle.

You can arrive as late as you want, and your time begins when you get your first drink. At $10 an hour, the menu includes specialty drinks and cocktails like strawberry wine punch, raspberry bliss and gin and tonic. You can also opt for something more traditional like a Budweiser or glass of moscato. For a fee of $20 an hour, you can snag top-shelf choices like Hennessy, Jameson, Pearl Vodka and Ciroc Peach.

Open Concept features projector screens, TVs, a stage and 2,500 square feet of open space.

It doesn’t sell food, but you’re able to order in any food you’d like. There are exceptions, though, like the “Taco Tuesday” and “Bottomless Brunch” events held every week. You can head over to their websiteto learn more.


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