October 8, 2019: The Great Fire In Chicago

On Sunday, October 8, 1871 The Great Chicago Fire started when some fat cow kicked over a lantern. The fire grew out of control and burned for three days before it finally burned itself out Tuesday, October 10.

The old NewsInDetroit used to have a Chicago Murder Pool, but when we got evicted, we totally forgot to note down the numbers that people had guessed, and that information is gone. But we did remember to take our microwave oven with us, so that’s nice.

But with almost 3 months left we want your guesses. BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, using number of murders for the first 280 days of the year so far, pick how many murders you think will happen in Chicago for the entire year 2019. At the end of this week, we will lock the numbers. If you nail the number right on the head, there might be a prize in it for you.

In the past, we just picked the closest number to the resulting number, but with this being October 8, we’ll insist on hitting it on the nose (pardon the pun).

We officially use the Chicago Tribune for our source. In the past, some people have suggested that we use Heyjackass, but we will stay with what we have used before. That number is currently 407 murders so far in 2019.

Good luck?

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