You told us…we listened.

Ok guys. We asked you the other day what’s going on here that you all lost each other? This shouldn’t happen just because DISQUS shut your channel down. Why would you let it? They don’t control you and you have a new sandbox here that’s ALL YOURS.

So we listened to what you all wanted. Some of you said you needed an account to recommend threads so you could see it in your DISQUS feeds. So we did that for you earlier today. Others of you just want a regular notification of when a new story goes up on here because you don’t follow the feeds. We just did that for you.

If you go on the home page you will see a pop up saying

We would like to send you push notifications.

Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings.

If you want notifications click ALLOW. If you’re old school and just come here click no. We hope this is what you guys asked for. If there’s anything else you want do’t be afraid to ask. This is yours and we’ll do what we can to give you what you need here. But to be honest you’re still not getting that Sgt. Pepper’s photo of you on the Cover Of The Rolling Stone.

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