Beer vendor busted for charging $724 for two brews at Miami Dolphins game


Flag this vendor for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Beer peddler Nathaniel Collier was busted inside Hard Rock Stadium for charging one fan an eye-popping $724 for two brewskis.ADVERTISEMENT

The 33-year-old suds merchant was arrested Sunday during the Miami Dolphins’ home game vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

The unidentified fan’s credit card company alerted him of the whopping charge on his cell phone. He then notified authorities who halted Collier and allegedly seized an illegal card reader in his possession.

“As the chosen provider of walking vendors across dozens of stadiums, we take the matter of security extremely seriously, and train and monitor our vendors to safeguard our customers,” read a statement from Hard Rock’s beverage contractor Rocket Man. “Our onsite supervisor contacted the authorities immediately upon learning of the overcharge on what was Mr. Collier’s unauthorized personal device.”[More News] Florida woman arrested after 24 pipe bombs discovered inside her home »

Collier’s scam involved utilizing a second credit-card reader to sneak around the company’s system, according to a Miami-Dade Police Department affidavit.

The suspect was charged with third-degree grand theft and possession of a skimming device, according to Miami TV station WPLG.

Collier was being held on $10,000 blond as of Tuesday morning, reported USA Today.[More News] Oklahoma woman apparently shot by dog, claims cops »

The vending company said the victim received a full refund and the suspect had been fired.

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