Trans athlete claims lesbians are transphobic for not liking penises

Dr. Rachel McKinnon, philosophy professor, cyclist, trans woman, came to fame in 2018 when she made history by being the first trans athlete to win the women’s 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships. McKinnon is a vocal trans advocate who has spoken out in favour of trans women competing in women’s sports, has physically dominated biological women in her own sport of cycling, and, most recently, has taken to Twitter to pen endless threads against the so-called “cotton ceiling.”

If being a lesbian who doesn’t like penises isn’t acceptable, and being a gay man who isn’t into vaginas isn’t alright, then what do these words and concepts even mean? Perhaps this is why movements to “Get the L Out” of the alphabet soup of gender and sexual identities has been picking up steam in the lesbian community. Lesbians are pushing back against LGBT advocacy groups like Stonewall UK, letting them know that they are no longer representing their best interests. 

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