Militias heed the President’s call.

Obama Era University professor starts getting nervous because Americans are tooling up. Militias are gearing up to stop any coup attempt. They will be ready by the time of the election, and heaven help Antifa.

When President Trump finally gave the call, Americans responded. Militias are tooling up and training. they’re getting ready. This, of course, makes that Obama era assistant AG and Georgetown law professor frightened. She should be.

Her political party has the goal of tearing the nation apart unless they can regain control. Liberals view political violence like it’s a knob. They turn it up and there’s a protest. Turn it up a little more, there’s a riot. Turn it up a little more, political violence and someone gets hurt or killed.

Conservatives tend to see it more like a switch. The default position is “vote”. The alternate position is “kill everyone. vote from the roof tops”.


This may not be liked by the left, however they want you dead if you’re a conservative. If they can’t have you dead, they want you stripped of rights and treated as a 2nd class citizen. You have only to look at Brett Kavanaugh to see what the left wants for you. They did everything they could to do destroy that man’s life, family, and any type of job he could ever have. Now, the liberal professor lays out the law very quickly. However, she fails to note quite a few things.

The first thing is that the government is subordinate to the people. Non-elected people are now subverting the government. YES, militias will step in. She says that they aren’t in any political process, and that they aren’t accountable to anyone. They’ve clearly announced that they are accountable to the president. She also calls The Oath Keepers a “fringe organization” It’s anything but that, and it’s stacked full of former military and law enforcement people. They operate to both protect and enforce the constitution.

But I’ll let you read the rest of it here.


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