EU Court Rules Facebook Must Remove Hateful Post World Wide

An EU court has ruled that Facebook hateful post, regardless what country the violation was committed.

From LA Times

Facebook Inc. can be forced to remove posts anywhere in the world to protect European Union users from hateful content, the bloc’s highest court ruled in a case that widens a chasm with the U.S. on freedom of speech and privacy.

European courts can force platforms such as the social-network giant to seek and destroy such content once they’ve been alerted, the EU judges said in a binding decision on Thursday. Courts can also order a worldwide removal as long as they take international law into account when they issue the edicts, the judges said.

“Today’s ruling essentially allows one country or region to decide what internet users around the world can say and what information they can access,” said Victoria de Posson, senior manager in Europe at the Computer & Communications Industry Assn., an industry group that includes Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook as members.

The EU has taken a tougher stance on citizens’ online rights than elsewhere in the world. In 2014, the EU’s top court gave people a so-called right to be forgotten, allowing them to ask Google to remove European links to websites that contain out-of-date or false information that could unfairly harm a person’s reputation. Still, in contrast to Thursday’s judgment, the same court decided last month against requiring search engines to scrub links globally.

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