Moose gets stuck in swimming pool

BEDFORD, N.H. (WLS) — Wildlife officials had to help a moose out of a residential swimming pool in New Hampshire Wednesday.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department posted video of the incident on their Facebook page. According to the department, it is currently moose breeding season and as the breeding season ramps up, bulls go on the move looking for a mate.

This young moose bull accidentally found his way into a swimming pool Tuesday night, according to wildlife officials. Because the pool had no stairs, he was unable to get himself back out. He was stuck in the pool for several hours, according to the post.

To help the moose out of the pool, local conservation officers and wildlife biologists from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department put a set of wooden steps in the pool and gently steered the bull toward them using a rope.

With the assistance of the stairs, the moose was able to get out of the pool and made his way back into the woods. 

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