Come Back to Civilization Old Friends From The News In Detroit. The News Beyond is Waiting For You

Why have we lost more than a few of our faithful and close friends from TheNewsInDetroit on the old Disqus channels? We thought we advertised the move that Disqus forced us into. We double-posted the stories to both channels. We sent reminders. We tagged the stragglers. Any idea why some very close friends of our are apparently stranded on a desert isle somewhere in the South Pacific without a phone, or light, or motor car?

(courtesy of Yaboo)
Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale; a tale of a great web site.
That started on the old Disqus; The News In Detroit.
The folks were a friendly mix of friends; from all across the map.
They made that channel a place for debate, 

they don’t take no crap—–they don’t take no crap. 

The Disqus dudes showed us the door, our growing channel’s down. 
If not for the 2 guys DCL & MichCon, our people would be gone.
The community would be gone.

The channel’s been up for a month but not all our friends are here.

Some think we’re gone……
Some think we’re through…..
Some just are lost ….. and they’re sad
Some need a poke ….
Come back and play …. it’s ok.

Here on News Beyond Detroit.

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