Pornographic video plays on billboard along I-75 in Auburn Hills

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Police are investigating after a graphic video played on an electronic billboard Saturday night in Auburn Hills.

According to authorities, it started just after 11 p.m. and was on the billboard on I-75 near M-59 for about a half hour.

“It was very bizarre,” said Chuck McMahon. “I thought maybe it was a billboard for a strip club or something.”

McMahon didn’t call police, but others did. Police said multiple people called 911 after seeing the explicit video.

“I was just looking up at it and I was like, ‘Huh, oh, wow. That’s porn,'” McMahon said.

Police arrived on the scene within minutes of the first call. The Auburn Hills Police Department was able to get in contact with the company that owns the billboard and the images were removed within 30 minutes.

It’s not clear how many drivers on I-75 drove past the billboard or if any children witnessed the pornographic video. 

Police are looking into whether someone hacked into the system and how the images ended up on a billboard by the side of a major freeway. More information is expected to be released Monday.

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