Naked couple plunge to their deaths while having sex on balcony at house party

A neighbour discovered the pair’s naked bodies on her terrace after hearing an unusual noise seconds earlier

The female victim, a 28-year-old mother, had thrown a house party to celebrate her imminent graduation (Image: CEN)

A naked couple fell to their deaths while having sex on a third-floor balcony at a house party, it has been reported.

A 28-year-old mother and a 35-year-old man apparently tumbled over the edge in Carapungo, a neighbourhood in the north of Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

Calderon Police District Operations Chief Cristhian Trujillo told local reporters the couple had thrown a party with friends at home.

The 28-year-old female victim, who has not been named, had reportedly thrown the party, to celebrate her imminent graduation.

After the get-together, the couple reportedly had sex on their third-floor balcony, before falling three floors to a neighbour’s terrace below.

Quito in Ecuador
The tragic accident happened in the Carapungo neighbourhood of Quito, the capital of Ecuador

According to local media, their bodies were found by a neighbour in her terrace.

She had apparently heard an unusual noise seconds earlier, and had gone out to investigate.

The couple were found naked.

A heartbroken relative of the female victim told reporters that the deceased woman was the mother of an eight-year-old girl.

Local authorities launched an investigation into the deaths.

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