Do you order a steak like a Republican or a Democrat?

President Donald Trump shares an affinity for well-done steak with roughly one in four Americans (24%)—but not the people who voted for him in 2016. Rather, one-third of Trump voters (32%) like their meat cooked medium rare. 

YouGov showed more than 1,200 US Adults labeled images of steak ranging from blue rare to well-done. Nearly one-fourth of Americans (24%) selected the well-done meat as their steak preference, while slightly fewer (23%) selected medium-rare. While the two options come in a near tie, there are clear distinctions in who’s ordering each—particularly depending on gender and politics (and it’s another area where Trump bucks Republican norms).

Overall, America’s least-popular steak options were on the furthest side of each spectrum: blue rare (2%) and burnt (2%). While respondents were offered “burnt” as a steak option, they were not shown an image of it. Nearly one in 10 US adults (8%) do not consume steak at all, but Americans have access to 26 billion pounds of beef annually.

Behind well-done and medium-rare steaks are medium well-done (16%), medium (13%), and rare meat (11%).

According to other YouGov data, Republicans are also spending the most money eating out at casual steak restaurants—four in ten (42%) report spending more than $50 monthly. One-third of Democrats (34%) say the same.

Politically speaking, Democrats (40%), Independents (39%), and Republicans (38%) all prefer their hamburgers well-done.

How cooked do you most prefer your steak?

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