Prosecutors: Man punched in head, knocked to ground, spit on — and later dies.

He allegedly refused to give teen attackers a dollar

Prosecutors said John Marvin Weed, 59, was at the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland on Friday with his family when he was “harassed and followed by a group of teens,” WJZ-TV reported.

The teens were angry that Weed wouldn’t give them a dollar, prosecutors said, according to the station.

“There was some sort of dialogue that ensued after that that made it a negative situation,” Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith told WJZ. “There was a punch that was delivered to the back of the head by the 16-year-old.” Smith added to the station that a video showed a 15-year-old “flying through” and landing “a deadly blow to the victim.”

A WJZ reporter was in a courtroom when the prosecutor described the attack as “completely random” and said the victim was a “complete stranger” to the suspects, the station said.

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