Police look for those responsible for tying tails of baby squirrels

BERLIN – The x-ray of four baby squirrels is going viral on Facebook. Their tails were tied together in a big knot.

The sad news – animal experts believed someone did this with malicious intent.

The Kensington Bird & Animal Hospital has gotten a lot of calls young mammals. The squirrels are recovering, but now authorities are trying to figure out who is responsible for this cruel act.  “It’s horrible,” said Behavior and Nutrition Technician Anthony Dibella.

He said a woman from Beacon Falls put them in a box on Thursday and brought them to the animal hospital in Berlin – which specializes in exotic pets and wildlife – with hopes someone could save them.

“Found them in a hole in the railroad ties in a retaining wall in her backyard,” added Dibella.

Dibella said knotted tails in wildlife animals can be a natural occurrence, which was their initial thought. “Tree sap, mom not taking good care of them, the eco-matter and urine getting tangled up and everything like that,” added Dibella.

After taking the x-ray, it was clear the symmetrical braid was done by someone on purpose.

“The horror started showing that this appeared to be done maliciously and it definitely required thought and preparation,” added Dibella.

It took experts about one hour to untangle the knot of the six-week old squirrels. One of them had to have their tail amputated because it had too much restriction.

Dibella is now giving advice to whoever finds wildlife that is hurt.

“If you do see what you think is an injured animal, don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re going to get hurt. Rabies are in animals so if they bite you, we have no choice but to euthanize them,” added Dibella.

The squirrels are scheduled for a check-up Monday morning.

Beacon Falls Police are investigating the matter. If you have any information on who may have done this, you are urged to reach out to them immediately.


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