What did he say in a 911 call? It’s too vulgar to publish, police said

A Florida Keys man landed in jail after police said he made vulgar calls to 911 that included cursing and sexually graphic language.

Robert Nathan Salwin, 44, of Marathon, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of misuse of 911.

He remained at the Marathon jail on Thursday without bond.TOP

The details of his four 911 phone calls were not included in a news release because they are too offensive, according to the Monroe Sheriff’s Office.

“Salwin could be heard on the recordings stating vulgar things too graphic to repeat about deputies who had been attempting to assist him,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt.

The arrest report lists Salwin’s alleged lewd comments — and the police aren’t exaggerating. He at one point calls deputies, “b——, little b——,” the report states. And then it got worse.

Salwin is no stranger to the Sheriff’s Office, and deputies called him an alcoholic in the report.

Deputies also said, Salwin “will drink most of the day then call the Sheriff’s Office to help him get out of the situation.” Police have advised him to get help from the county.

“Salwin is well-known to law enforcement for frequent alcohol-related encounters with deputies,” Linhardt said.

Sgt. Mark Jones and Deputies Rodriguez, Corbin Hradecky and Shaun Lones found Salwin at about 8 p.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Ocean Terrace and 51st Street.

Robert Nathan Salwin



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