How to post a story on THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT

PLEASE NOTE: on Oct 17, 2020 an update changed many of the instructions and details below. We are leaving these instructions here because we may go back to this method of post creation and post editing, and because many of the steps are still relevant but just in slightly different locations.




To be able to post stories, you must get set up with “Contributor Rights” by Detroit City Limits or MichCon. This requires an email address.

Send an email to and just say Hi. We will send you an invite in return.

You accept the invite and create a WordPress I.D.

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Click on the upper right side of screen where it says WRITE

Step 3: Add your title where is says ADD TITLE. After your title, you can get creative and create another “sub-title” that is smaller than a main title, but it is more prominent than ordinary text.

Step 4: Choose a Paragraph block to copy and paste or start writing your story into (you can also change the style if you choose by clicking at top left of the block and to change font). I just keep clicking Enter to make space between the paragraphs but you can also click on the + sign to add a new block instead.

Please don’t copy and paste 100% of the articles you are finding. You should paste enough to give the reader an idea of the full story, but then it should urge the reader to click on your link to the ORIGINAL STORY. And always include the author’s name for their proper credit.

Step 5: Be sure to add at least one photo to your story by creating a new block and selecting the icon box in the upper right that says ADD IMAGE. Then “upload” an image from your computer, or “INSERT” one from any URL or internet address of an image.

Click in an unused new block and one option is to ‘Add Image’
Upload from your PC, choose an image already in the library, or paste a link to an image that is anywhere on the internet

Step 6: Specify a “featured photo” on the far right by clicking on DOCUMENT – FEATURED IMAGE – SET FEATURED IMAGE and choose a new photo you want to upload, or select one of the images you inserted into the story already.


Step 7: In a new block at the very bottom of your story, create a “LINK” to the original story (if your story was inspired by something on another site). Click in your new block and select the icon box that says ADD EMBED. Paste the address line from that original story. Then select CONVERT TO LINK.

Step 8: Click at the top right of screen on PREVIEW to preview your story to see if you like how it is or want to make any changes

Step 9: Click at top right of the screen on PUBLISH to post your story


CONGRATULATIONS, you have now posted a story 🙂

– THIS IS STEP 6 – The Featured Image

Below shows the way to have our community notified of your story being published. If that number 3 step is completed for iZooto, then the people who signed up for alerts will receive one telling them that your story is up. Please use good judgement. If you are putting up multiple stories at one time, please maybe only select the alert for one of them. And if someone else is already putting up stories with alerts at around the same time, you may not need one at all for yours. Just be considerate of everyone else who may not want 7 alerts in a half hour during those times when we have a lot of stories posted at around the same time of the morning.

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