Butcher told to remove a notice that read ‘non halal certified’ because it ‘incited hatred’ of Muslims changes ONE LETTER – and now authorities say it’s fine

A butcher told to remove a sign that read ‘non halal certified’ because it was deemed offensive has changed their display – by just one letter.

Valley Butchers in Adelaide received complaints claiming the store mocked Islam with the sticker, which included pictures of kangaroos and emus.

‘It pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief. It is very intentional and obvious,’ the complaint read.

The Ad Standards watchdog found that the sign breached their codes, prompting the store to change it. 

However, in a split decision, the board upheld the complaint, and noted the sign would have been fine if it was just one letter different. 

The sign now reads ‘not halal certified’. 


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