Well…you did it.

I got to say you guys kept what you made here. It’s been a little over two weeks since DISQUS closed TNID and you guys haven’t changed a bit. You didn’t miss a beat. Not one beat. It might not seem like anything to all of you but it does to us. You’re great people! I’ll admit I was a little worried that what you guys made together might have been gone but you didn’t let it. You did your thing and here you are..

We’ve never been one for pushing invites on people or asking people to recommend a story. It just always seemed tacky to us. When we first started MichCon said if they like it they’ll recommend the story who gives a shit? Don’t tell them what to do, they are adults they’ll do what they want to do. I have to laugh now because it’s true. He was 100% correct. It amazes me how we haven’t found a way to send invites to all of you but here you are…

I just want to say how cool you all are that you took over and made TNBD no different from TNID. You became authors, learned how to post and still say screw you to all the people that complained to DISQUS about you.

Thank you!

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