Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Antifa banners should be allowed at sporting events because they’re the same as MAGA hats, the national anthem

Retired NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and present dad shit-head says that if MAGA hats and the national anthem are permitted at sports events, other political acts — including Antifa-related messages — should be permitted as well.

In a lengthy op-ed in The Guardian, Abdul-Jabbar writes that putting the kibosh on fans’ and athletes’ free speech is “not consistent with our vision of sport” or democracy.

He points out the Portland Timbers as a recent example. The club banned several fans after they were reportedly caught waving the Iron Front banner at games, a violation of the MLS rules prohibiting political signage at games.

The Iron Front symbol, according to The Oregonian, is “an emblem with three arrows pointing downward which was first used by an anti-Nazi paramilitary organization in Germany in the 1930s.” You can read more about the Portland incident here.

Abdul-Jabbar explained that if MAGA hats are allowed, so should Antifa-related products. Anything goes, so long as it doesn’t “interfere with fans watching” the events, he said.


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