Woman Dreamt About Eating Her Engagement Ring And Then Woke Up To Realize She Actually Did

Have you ever had a dream about eating your own engagement ring? And then woken up to learn you actually did eat it? Nope, me either. But a woman in California can relate. Twenty-nine-year-old Jenna Evans accidentally swallowed her entire diamond while sleeping.

Let me set the scene for you. Evans was barreling down the track on a high-speed train with her fiancé (…in her dream) when a string of “bad guys” showed up. In order to protect her 2.4-carat bling, she swallowed it. Except that part wasn’t just in the dream. “I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water,” Evans wrote on Facebook. “I assumed this too was a dream, because WHO ACTUALLY SWALLOWS THEIR ENGAGEMENT RING, so I went back to sleep.”

After a good “laugh/cry” session, Evans and her fiancé headed to urgent care where she explained the situation and was recommended for an upper endoscopy. “I waited a long time for that damn engagement ring and I WILL marry Bobby Howell DAMNIT,” she added.

According to NBC, docs retrieved the ring in Evans’ intestines and her fiancé got to place it back on her finger two days later. “Bobby finally gave my ring back this morning – I promised not to swallow it again, we’re still getting married and all is right in the world,” Evans said.

Naturally, the internet did what the internet does best and followed up her viral post with a very pointed…observation. “Plot twist, she swallowed the ring on purpose so she could get it xray’d to check if it was real,” one user commented. “At least the diamonds real!!” another added. They’re not wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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