Chicago woman wore ‘Scream’ mask as she repeatedly stabbed female victim

Chicago woman was held without bond Sunday after she allegedly stabbed another random woman dozens of times while she wore a “Scream” mask and repeated, “God is making me do this.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Patricia Calhoun-Murdock allegedly attacked the victim two weeks ago in what a judge called a “truly random” act. She was arrested by U.S. marshals after Chicago police said they determined that she was walking with a stolen Kindle from the 56-year-old victim’s apartment.

Patricia Calhoun-Murdock.

Patricia Calhoun-Murdock.

The paper described a harrowing scene inside.  The alleged victim was asleep when she woke  up to see the alleged attacker holding a knife and in the mask.  The victim begged for her life, but was stabbed at least 39 times, according to the report.

She suffered slits tom her throat and her heart was pierced. At one point, the victim tried to play dead, but was told by Calhoun-Murdoch: “I can still hear you breathing.”


A relative walked in on the scene and called of help. The paper reported that Calhoun-Murdoch allegedly made an admission to police and allegedly said she had “mental health concerns.” 

The victim was in critical condition.

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