After banning cellphones, some schools are seeing students actually ‘making eye contact and talking face to face’

Schools in several districts across Michigan have banned the use of cellphones on the property, and some administrators are finding that the move has resulted in an odd phenomenon: face-to-face communication between students.

The bans vary from school to school — some schools are barred from carrying and using cellphones at any point during the school day, including in hallways and during lunch periods.

According to Michigan’s Bridge, many students think the ban goes too far — but it’s giving school officials thoughts of yesteryear when teens actually spoke to one another on an in-person basis.

“I’m addicted,” senior Jack Walls told the outlet. “I know it. It’s real bad. I have a real bias for texting people.”

He added, “I think [the ban] is bad. It’s probably good for me, but it’s not what I feel I need.”

Grant Cardin, another district senior, said that he believes the ban is a “bit much.”

“We can’t even use our phones at lunch,” Cardin explained, adding that it made sense for the classroom. He also pointed out that it makes the logistics of figuring out after-school difficult, saying it “complicates things.”

Cardin did admit, however, that seeing students speaking face-to-face has been a novel concept.

“I can see a few groups that instead of staring down at their phones like they did before, they are kind of doing a lot more talking to each other,” he said. “That’s different.”


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