NYPD Arrests Man Swinging a Sword at Empire State Building


A man waving a sword around was captured by the NYPD after brandishing it in front of a crowd at the Empire State Building observation deck.

One witness said he “put the sword to his chest”:

“I see him sitting … sort of like in a sleeping position, then when I was queuing up, he got up and put the sword to his chest and started shouting.”

The bigger question is how this man was able to get the sword past security as there are typically metal detectors to go through. 

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan tweeted out the video of the arrest:

Our men & women in blue are prepared for any situation. 

When an emotionally disturbed man walked into the Empire State Building holding a cane sword today, NYPD cops reacted quickly to keep people safe. 

Our highly-trained officers delivered a safe outcome for everyone. Well done!

The man who was arrested and taken for psychiatric evaluation.

This could have been so much worse with people trapped at the top of the building.

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