Mobile Device Users Please Read: Problem with the News Beyond Detroit mobile site and easy work around

What is the description of the problem?

There appears to be an Issue with the News Beyond Detroit mobile site.  Unless you’ve already switched to the Full Site, this is the site that appears when you navigate to on your phone or mobile device.  One scenario of the strange behavior which has been observed is that a touch/click does not execute the intended target; it executes a target far below the intended one. There are likely other scenarios. Needless to say, the mobile site does not function properly at this time.

Although it’s a good thing to do periodically, clearing the browser cache on your mobile browser does not seem to resolve the issue. 

The above has been confirmed with at least four different users using different mobile devices and browsers.

This does not appear to have any impact on News Beyond Detroit full site.

Is there a work around?

Fortunately, there is a very easy work around.  On the mobile site, if you scroll down to the very bottom, there is a link named View Full Site.  If you touch/click on the link, the full site will now replace the mobile site in your browser, and it should be fully functional.  Moreover, the Full Site should become the default site for News Beyond Detroit on your mobile device (until you clear your browser cache again).

What is being done about the problem?

Detroit City Limits advises that he will get WordPress to address the issue. He will likely post on this thread when a change is made and the mobile site is ready for testing.

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