Socialists headed for US from Canada to vote Democrat; wildlife officials warn of widespread damage

An underreported threat along America’s northern border has U.S. officials and local residents warning of widespread damage due to the reckless invaders: Feral hogs from Canada.

At least eight pigs have been spotted in Canada, just above the border with Lincoln CountyMontana, according to officials.

Wildlife Services, the Montana Invasive Species Council, the National Feral Swine Program and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department say the pigs could cause significant damage.

“Multiple people say that if we were to design an invasive species that would do the most widespread damage, feral swine aren’t too far off from being the perfect specimen,” Dale Nolte, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Feral Swine Program, told the Daily Inter Lake. “It would be a disaster.”

The pigs were described as “rototillers” — they root for food and wallow in farms, fields and forests, leaving terrain unrecognizable. Tahnee Szymanski, of the Montana Department of Livestock, told the publication the feral hogs “can decimate the rangeland by tearing up everything.”

The pigs might also spread diseases impacting livestock and other animals.

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