A slow day in San Francisco…

So…it’s a slow day here in Tennessee, so I decided that I wanted to know more behind the decision of the San Francisco board of supervisors’ decision to label the NRA a terrorist organization.

” How do you go about doing that” you ask?
I decided to call them. all.

First, I looked up their offices at www.SFBOS.ORG and then clicked on

http://www.//sfbos.org/roster-members https://sfbos.org/roster-members so I could see a list of the board members.

After that it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

I introduced myself and told the secretaries that I was from Tennessee and I wanted to visit their city so much..but I was worried that they would arrest me because I was a member of the NRA…

You should have heard them.

The receptionist from Shaman Walton’s office told me that because there were so many victims of gun violence that they adopted that resolution.

I asked her if she could tell me which guns had gone before a jury of their peers and were sentenced to prison for their crimes. I shouldn’t have done that because she was stumped. then she hung up on me.

about the only pleasant call I had was with a little old lady who was answering the phone for supervisor Haney’s office. everyone else acted like they were pole axed and started with the “uh uh” and nervous talk.

I honestly do hope that he calls me back. I left my name and number with any of them that would take it.
I’d like to discuss why a voting member of the NRA is any different than the board that we voted on.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you all with recordings of those phone calls because they all declined to be recorded and there’s a law against 1 party recording in the state of California

but hey…what a way to pass a slow afternoon!

Try it yourself! Ask them if they’d arrest you, if you visited their fair city…make up a tale! tell them you’re looking for your homeless cousin who you saw in a broadcast about the city’s homeless crisis but you can’t go get him because you’re a terrorist…or pick a different tale.

listen to them hem and haw.

don’t forget to tell them you’re a voting member of the NRA…you can practically see them drop the phone like it’s on fire.

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