Update: Man Has Stroke Hours After 70-Something Wife Has Twins

For years, Mangayamma Yaramati and her husband deeply longed to have children, but they were never able to conceive—and in their village in India’s Andhra Pradesh state, that was a dark mark against them. “They would call me a childless lady,” the septuagenarian tells the BBC. On Thursday, that status officially changed: Yaramati, whose age is variously listed as either 73 or 74, gave birth to healthy twin girls after undergoing IVF treatment; her husband is said to be somewhere between 78 and 82. “The mother and the babies are doing well,” her doctor said after the delivery. The Times of India reports a team of four doctors helped bring the baby girls into the world via C-section.

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After going through menopause three decades ago, Yaramati says she was inspired to give pregnancy one last try after a 55-year-old neighbor conceived, per the Daily Mail. Some sad news right on the tail of the delivery, however: Rajarao suffered a stroke the next day and is now being treated in the hospital. He’d been asked who would care for their girls if anything ever happened to him or his wife, and he’d answered, “Nothing is in our hands. Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God.” One gynecologist tells the Times the IVF should never have taken place: “The doctors should not have considered the case even if the couple pleaded with them.” 

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