President Trump Retweets Black Conservative in Trump Hat — Twitter Immediately Suspends Account

President Trump often uses Twitter to express his support for his voters or attack fake news media and liberals.

It seems that Twitter is making President’s life harder because today they suspended an account of black conservative in Trump hat immediately after he re-tweeted him.

People started commenting and it seems this move made people furious.


Mr. President. His account got suspended right after you retweeted him! Can twitter be more obvious than that?!?!?

Exposing Corrupt Democrats #DeepState & #FakeNews@TrueNewsGlobal

Dear @realDonaldTrump, Twitter suspended this account because you acknowledged him.

Give this as another of the millions of examples to your team investigating Leftist social networks’ unreported “in-kind” political contributions to the #DemocratParty.

The list of people that express their support for Rad is huge.

Is this another way of Twitter to shutdown President Trump influence on their network?

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