Who would throw a bowling ball at someone’s head??

That’s who!!


CICERO, Ill. (CBS) — A man was in a coma Thursday night after being brutally attacked with a bowling ball at a Cicero bowling alley.

Police late Thursday released a surveillance photo of the man wanted for questioning in the attack. They said he took off in a 2018 Range Rover, and they were searching form him Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother spoke only with CBS 2’S Charlie De Mar.

“I can’t watch all of it because it’s too painful,” said Tamekia Williams.

CBS 2 is not showing the full video either. It shows a fight inside a bowling alley, and on the right side of the screen, out of nowhere, someone throws a yellow bowling ball.

“And he’s laying in the bed now in a coma,” Williams said.

It hit Williams’ 28-year old son, Damante Williams, in the head. CBS 2 spoke to the Ms. Williams outside Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, where Damante was in a medically-induced coma Thursday night.

“Everybody knows a bowling ball is very heavy, so why would you throw it at someone’s head deliberately?” Ms. Williams said.

It was a promotional night at Cicero’s Town Hall Bowl Wednesday night. The owner said security was in place and called the fight isolated.

Cicero police said nobody from the bowling alley called 911. Instead, someone ran outside and flagged down an officer. 

“To my understanding, he didn’t even know these people – so why would you hit someone with a bowling ball in the head?” Ms. Williams said.

Ms. Williams said the bowling alley brawl was sparked after her son bumped into someone. 

“And then someone came up from behind when the security guard was holding him, and threw a bowling ball and hit his head,” she said. “Just bring this person to justice.”

The search for the suspect continued Thursday night. Meanwhile, police said they had been called to the Town Hall Bowl before, but never to the extent seen Wednesday night.

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