Sept 6, 2019: Your favorite SNL character

Born on September 6, 1947 was original Saturday Night Live cast member Jane Curtin. Jane was one of the original “Not Ready For Prime Time Players”, and ironically may not have been “an ignorant slut” as was stated in nearly each Weekend Update newscast.

Think of all of the years of SNL that you watched, whether original cast, or right up until you stopped watching when they became involved in political attacks on anybody who isn’t a New York City liberal dick.

Who are your favorite all-time characters? Roseanne Rosannadanna, Irwin Mainway, Samurai Night Fever guy, Lisa Lubner and Todd, Land Shark, The Lounge Singer, Opera Man, The Cheerleaders, Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood, David Spade’s Hollywood Minute, Goat Boy….somebody else? Pick up to 3 of them.

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