Help The Lost Souls Find Their Way Home Again

Will you please think of the children? The children of TNID. When Disqus dumped their channel system on Sept. 1, we lost a lot of good people out there. These were decent, hard-working people who came to TheNewsInDetroit for spiritual guidance, moral compass checking, and occasional softcore porn.

For whatever reason, a surprisingly large number of people have not found their way to NEWS BEYOND DETROIT.NET , and we miss them. If you know of anyone who used to come to TNID, and you see them elsewhere, please tag them, talk to them, or just tell us where they are. We want to welcome them back into the fold. The prodigal sons & daughters of TNID must be reunited with their dysfunctional family on TNBD.

Thank you, and now we return you to our regular programming of giraffes walking on tightropes.

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