Owner of loose dogs gets 6 tickets after they ripped into woman’s car in Detroit

DETROIT (FOX 2) – The owner of two loose dogs that ripped a woman’s car apart trying to get some stray cats has been tracked down by police and ticketed for his dogs.

We first told Lisa Ross’ story Monday night when dogs attacked her Ford Fusion, trying to get at the stray cats that were hiding underneath it.

Brenis Chapman said he was drinking his morning coffee when he watched loose dogs attack a car on McCormack Street on the east side. He told Ross all about what happened, and she saw the damage herself.

“Now I can see these are claw marks or teeth marks – where they tried to pry the grill off and they chewed the bumper up trying to get to the cats,” said Ross.

Tuesday morning, she wanted to find out who was responsible so she drove around and found the dogs – and where they lived. It was just around the corner, on Moross, and a man was outside. So she confronted him about what happened.

“(I said) do you have a black and a brown dog that may have gotten out?’ And he was like ‘yeah.’ And I said, well take a look at my car!'” Lisa said.

But he told her that dogs wouldn’t have done that.

“(He said) ‘my dogs are so gentle, they would never do anything’ and I said, ‘go look at my car’,” Lisa said.

Lisa went home but again saw the dogs nearby so she called 911. 

The dogs were originally believed to have been pit bulls but Lisa snapped a picture and, upon closer look, it appears one is a black lab.

“Animal control came down the street and I flagged them down. That’s when they said they had been looking for those dogs since 7 this morning,” she said.

That animal control officer saw Lisa’s story on FOX 2 and was trying to track down the dogs.

“She had gotten complaints in this neighborhood and had been trying to get these dogs for a while now but she couldn’t find them,” she said. “Another neighbor drove up and told us that they were in her yard. So, animal control when on the chase, trying to get the dogs and the dogs ended up going to back, around the corner to Moross, where they lived, and followed the dogs to their house.”

Animal control officers issued the owners six tickets for his dogs being loose.

The owner of the animals did not talk on camera but we did get video of a man who appeared to have been working on the fence where the dogs live.

“I feel like I’m getting closer to a resolution, because the awareness of airing this last night, so many neighbors have been reaching out to me,” Lisa said. “When I shared this on Facebook with my family and friends they’re so worried for me. They know that I’m coming in and out and they’re like “be careful, today it’s your car – tomorrow it might be you!”


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