Police calls: Naked girlfriend photos come from unknown number

A 28-year-old man called police Friday afternoon because he started receiving photos of his own girlfriend naked from an unknown number. The man believes it was a 45-year-old man he knows, because he’s done it before. That 45 year old man dated the 41 year old girlfriend over 10 years ago and had amassed quite a collection of sexual poses, shower scenes, and S&M BDM genres.

The man was most infuriated by the naked photographs because they were taken by the 45 year old many years ago, while the woman was much better looking, and less saggy and wrinkly.

The 41 year old girlfriend was not available for comment, but was negotiating so that all cameras and lighting would show her from her good side and not enhance her wrinkles.

Oficers told him that a report will be on file.

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