Kevin Hart Left 2 People in Car Wreck: Police

That Kevin Hart survived is a near-miracle—but somehow the actor/comedian emerged from a horrific car wreck early Sunday morning, TMZ reports. His classic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda plunged off Mulholland Highway in Calabasas, Calif., at about 1am, breaking through a wooden fence and plunging into a gully where the car’s roof was totally crushed. Hart got out and was apparently picked up by an SUV-driving employee in his security team. Taken home at first, Hart went to a hospital with “major back injuries.” Police say the driver, friend Jared Black, also suffered major back injuries and was hospitalized, E! Online reports.

A woman in the car, Rebecca Broxterman, didn’t require hospitalization—but both she and Black were stuck inside the wrecked vehicle. “Two of the three occupants were trapped inside,” said the California Highway Patrol, per the LA Times. “The remaining occupant and the owner of the vehicle, Kevin Hart, left the scene to his nearby residence to get medical attention.” Police say Black wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, so what happened? TMZ describes winding Mulholland Highway as “treacherous.” (Hart’s tweets cost him an important gig last year.)

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